Realising energy
savings through building optimisation

We are experts at identifying, optimising, measuring and realising energy savings.

We specialise in HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) analysis. This is important because most of the energy used in buildings is from HVAC systems.


With rising energy costs and rapid developments in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technology, it is important for building owners and managers to choose the right HVAC solutions, either to enhance their existing systems or for new building developments.  Greater design complexity and increased equipment choices create the opportunity for savings but can often be confusing when choosing the best option.  It makes sense to get expert advice and assistance to uncover the best solutions for your situation in terms of performance, efficiency and costs.

Please note that HVAC is another word for air con, aircon or air conditioning.

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Blue Green Engineering (BGe) are experts in HVAC analysis, design, and implementation that improve performance and reduce energy consumption. 

We employ optimal and innovative designs to reduce the capital cost of projects and operational running costs, making use of what is already on site where possible.  When considered with government financial incentives, the cost savings can be substantial, offering attractive investment returns.

Our HVAC and energy savings experience benefit customers who have hard to solve and persistent problems.  We are focused and passionate about what we do and have an outstanding track record of success.  We’ll open up a new world of possibilities in managing your building’s climate.

Projects across Sydney and NSW

Step by step process

Energy Savings Identification

Building Services Design

Services During Construction

Energy Savings Certificates

Our Approach

BGe reduces the risk in achieving energy savings, by using sound methodologies in a step by step process.  Our Quality Assurance (QA) system ensures that the steps we provide are high quality, consistent, and meets customer requirements. This system also ensures that project documents are traceable, irrespective of the time that passed from the time of completion. 


Energy Savings ID

Energy audits for existing buildings, BCA Section J and Energy Modelling for new buildings.


Building services design

Mechanical services and renewable systems design.



Tender and contract management, services during construction and commissioning witnessing.


Energy certificates

Generate additional revenue every year for 10 years following the installation of your energy efficient HVAC upgrade.

Each step is performed by highly qualified engineers, who manage multiple teams of professional contractors who have extensive experience with sustainability projects.