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BGE has been cooling energy bills for building owners and managers throughout Sydney, NSW since 2009.  We have completed numerous private and government-funded projects, big and small.   

We are experts in improving HVAC efficiency and realising energy savings.  With clear and open communication we’ll help you better understand the choices available to you and our independence means that you get the best and most impartial advice.

BGE also works with other industry experts to ensure you receive a complete building management solution.

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Vasilios Giotis

Managing Director

Vasilios is a professional engineer with over two decades of expertise and is currently the director of Blue Green Engineering.  His educational background includes a Master of Photovoltaic and Solar Energy from the University of New South Wales, complemented by a Master of Engineering (Energy) from the University of Technology and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Newcastle.


Throughout his career, Vasilios has demonstrated proficiency across various domains including mechanical engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. His experience also extends to industrial processes and facility management, showcasing a diverse skill set.


Vasilios has spearheaded numerous projects encompassing HVAC, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, energy performance contracting, and energy efficiency. These initiatives have catered to a wide array of clients including government bodies, commercial & residential developments and industrial facilities.


His philosophy revolves around the belief that intelligent approaches can foster sustainability while remaining economically viable for both new and existing buildings. Furthermore, Vasilios emphasises the importance of individual contributions towards promoting sustainability, advocating for the exploration of potential synergies to yield significant results.

Vasilios Giotis