The purpose of this calculator is to help users in the field of air duct design and airflow analysis to quickly determine the air flow velocity of air within different types of ducts and ductwork configurations. It caters to both circular and rectangular ducts, allowing users to input relevant dimensions and Volumetric  air flow rates. The calculator then computes the air velocity based on these inputs.

Additionally, the calculator serves as a compliance checker against specified velocity limits for various applications within the context of air duct systems. These applications include different types of ductwork, louvres, coils, filters, and other components. The calculator evaluates whether the calculated velocity complies with the given limits and provides feedback on compliance status. Compliant applications are displayed in green font, while non-compliant applications are shown in red.

In summary, this calculator is a useful tool for engineers, HVAC professionals, and others involved in designing and analysing air duct systems to ensure that the air velocities remain within acceptable ranges for various components and applications.

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Duct Velocity Calculator

Duct Velocity Calculator

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