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BGe provides a range of interrelated services involving the optimisation of building HVAC operation and energy efficiency.

Sustainable Engineering Services


1. Energy Savings Identification

Measuring and assessing existing HVAC performance makes you aware of any need for action to prevent equipment failure or improve efficiency and obtain cost savings, getting you the maximum return on your investment. As well as the direct financial impact, better heating and cooling design leads to greater thermal comfort and increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

We use a range of monitoring equipment (energy data loggers, ultrasonic water flow meters, air flow and air quality metres etc.) to determine how well your building responds to heating and cooling needs. In addition, energy data is retrieved from energy utilities. This data is used to establish detailed energy use patterns for the premises.

We also assess the quality of the air in the building. Our measurement methodologies allow us to look at energy usage in an existing building. This data helps to to determine problems and propose cost effective interventions. We use the same measurement concepts to do energy modelling for new buildings at the planning stage.

2. Building Services Design

It is important that each design applies the most efficient HVAC solutions for each individual application.  We’ll help you realise the greatest cost savings from the most energy-efficient HVAC design and implementation, whether this is from the installation of new equipment or getting better utilisation from existing equipment. Because we’re independent of suppliers and contractors, we’ll only include in our design equipment that is absolutely essential.  This not only reduces your ongoing operating costs but also reduces your construction costs and risks.

From the design, a Scope of Works and drawings are prepared for the project.  These capture the design intent and the required energy performance.

3. Services During Construction

Our expert project management ensures that the project design intention gets built as planned.  We’ll manage the tender process so that you get impartial and objective information, takings the confusion out of making informed and valuable decisions.  In some cases, where other parties are already contracted to project manage, we’ll work with them in the manner best suited to each project.

Once each project is practically complete, we’ll make sure that the energy and operational targets are met via our commissioning process.

4. Energy Certificate Generation

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) reduces energy consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for organisations to invest in energy savings projects.

Energy savings are achieved by better design and installing, improving or replacing key HVAC and other equipment.  Our methodology allows us to document and verify the actual energy saving and to generate Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) on an annual basis for 10 years.  This helps you offset the cost of implementing HVAC upgrades.  Moreover, for 10 years we’ll ensure your system continually meets the stated energy targets.